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Valentine, LA

About Angela Driscoll

Angela Driscoll has written 2 post(s) for Slices of America.

Angela Driscoll was born in Dearborn, MI on July 7, 1977 (that‘s 7/7/77!). The daughter of Canadian-born parents, Angela was taught the ways of both “The Great White North” and “The Lower 48”. At age 8 Angela’s family relocated to Tampa, FL. Upon the completion of high school, Angela weighed her options for college and decided on Loyola University in New Orleans, LA where she studied art. Be it fate or dumb luck, Angela took a part-time job at Barnes & Noble Bookstore where she met her future husband Taylor Lasseigne ( editor). Angela spent two years in Philadelphia, PA working on her graduate degree in Book Arts and Printmaking at the University of the Arts, but has since moved back to New Orleans. She threatens to never leave the city, come hell or high water. When she is not involved in artistic endeavors including printmaking or digital media, Angela enjoys avoiding potholes on her bicycle “Belle”.