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Seattle, Wa


Ace Hotel - This is my friend Nirav sitting in our room at the Ace Hotel. It had a European feel to it with minimal furniture and amenities. The location was great being right downtown with plenty of shops, restaurants and Pike's Place Market right down the street.


These two books were at the foot of one of the beds in our room. The prophylactics peeking out of the Kama Sutra remained un-used during our stay.


Key Arena - The Key Arena where the Seattle Supersonics play.


There is a sort of carnival atmosphere at the base of the Space Needle, as evidenced by the ferris wheel in this shot. It's also easily within walking distance from downtown.


Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame - This was inside the lobby of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, No photography was allowed in the gallery.



Pike's Place Market was a quick walk from the Ace.



One of the many fruit and vegetable stands in the market.



This is a shop that makes homemade cheese. I wish I could've got a better shot of this.


One of the fish sellers at the market. These are some of the famous "fish-throwers."



This vendor was selling handmade recreations of the ocarina from the Legend of Zelda games. He also has all of the songs from the games transcribed for easy learning. I had a hard time fighting off my inner geek to not buy one of these.


A magic shop in the underground part of the market.


This was a cool apartment building next to Pike's Place.


Bainbridge Ferry. We took a ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. This is a shot from the ferry before it left.


The Seattle skyline from the ferry.


A view of Mt. Rainier. The clouds were covering it this day, but you can begin to make out the base and trace up where the sides would be. It's very impressive when seen in relation to the rest of the city.


Our first view of Bainbridge Island.


There was a bike race on the island that day. If you look closely on the road, you can make out a couple of them.


All of the cyclists boarding the ferry to back Seattle.


My friend Nirav on the ferry.


We happened to catch a free show by Rogue Wave.


The market at night.

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