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New Orleans, LA

About James Shields

James Shields has written 3 post(s) for Slices of America.

James Shields, was born a Yankee over 30 years ago, but raised a Mississippian. He asks that you don't hold that against him and continue reading. After sleeping his way through the University of New Orleans, James was well on his way to a career as a tenured snob in the music department of Barnes & Noble. Just before his impending, customer induced, assault-rifle rampage, James managed to secure a position at Loyola University in the public affairs department. James lives in the cultural center of Louisiana (Harahan) & is married to the lovely & former Ms. Laurie Landry. The spawn of shields is due in February 2006 (sex = boy.) James' major influences include a creepy obsession with the Simpsons, PJ's iced coffee, Slayer, pretending to destroy hotel rooms, the movie Point Break and Juan's Flying Burrito. When James isn't prank calling Taylor at Barnes & Noble, he enjoys horseback riding, sunsets, and attending to injured wildlife.