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Lake Verret – Louisiana

by Jason Hughes / May 2004

Lake Verret is a large freshwater lake which drains an extensive area of freshwater swamps. It is one of the most productive lakes in Louisiana. Aquatic organisms are abundant here and support recreational and commercial fisheries for large mouth bass and channel catfish.

– The Barataria Terrebone National Estuary Program website









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I was born in June 1974. I grew up in Berwick, Louisiana, where my dad was raised. After high school, I went to LSU, then Nicholls State University, then dropped out, then struggled to get back in. I eventually graduated from LSU in 2000 with an Electrical Engineering degree (which I am currently not using). In between, I've held all sorts of jobs; cashier, grocery stocker, deckhand on an offshore supply vessel, assembly worker, I drove trucks for Wal-Mart, cooked chicken at Raising Cane's, did assembly for high orbit scientific balloons, and so on. After graduating from college, I moved to Dallas, TX to work for a semiconductor company. It was interesting, but after 4 years I decided I would try something else. The wife and I packed up and moved to Austin. I’m now into software testing, working on secret stuff for the military and other various government agencies. My first camera was an old 110 film format camera. It really took a beating and continued to work. Many years later I eventually bought an APS camera, and now use a Casio Exilim digital camera. I’d like to pick up a digital SLR camera some day, but that’s low priority as far as the budget goes. Aside from taking pictures, my interests involve various martial arts, electronics, technology in general, my wife and my cats.